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famous daves couponsWhen it comes to barbecue, Dave Anderson is an expert. The Native American is the founder and owner of Famous Dave’s, a chain of restaurants that began with the first Famous Dave’s BBQ Shack opening in Hayward, Wisconsin in 1994. The next year, by popular demand, he opened a location in Linden Hills, Minnesota. That began the fast growth of Shacks throughout America. Today, diners love using Famous Daves Coupons to get tasty, delectable meals.

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The specialty item on the menu are the barbecue ribs. Anderson spent a quarter of a century experiencing the tastes of barbecue all across America before he finally opened that first restaurant. He looked at the specific sensations of how herbs and spices worked together in a sauce. He examined carefully the way different sauces interacted with the meat. At his home, he would experiment and refine his findings, creating sauces to flavor his ribs. This is just one reason why you want to select a coupon for Famous Daves and enjoy a meal there this week.

The Harvard graduate did not limit his close study of the food to sauces and seasonings, but rather also checked out how the ribs themselves were prepared. His education had him exploring barbeque eateries in the Old South, Texas, and just about anywhere where barbecue foods were offered. Again, in his home, he continually tested his own variations on what he had gleaned from his road travels. His judges were family and friends who tasted Anderson’s creations until he felt he had achieved the best barbecue ribs possible. This quest for perfection ultimately led to Famous Dave’s receiving a slew of awards over the years, which is another plus for selecting one of the Famous Daves 2012 coupons on this site to take and use at your nearby restaurant.

What Anderson discovered in his cooking journey is that to serve the best food, it takes not just great recipes, but also the best ingredients. To meet this goal, Famous Daves uses St. Louis spareribs as its base. Even so, the chain goes the extra mile with this piece of meat. The skirt, which is the meat on the underside of the rib, is completely cut away because it is not as tender as the top side. In addition, the meat slab is larger than the industry stand of 1 3/4 pounds. Instead, Anderson insists on big slabs of 2 1/2 pounds. The chain actually trains its suppliers and butchers on these quality cuts to ensure having only the best quality at its eateries. Using a printable coupon for Famous Dave’s simply means getting a delicious meal at an incredibly awesome price.

Famous Daves CouponsToday, Anderson’s BBQ Shacks offer six different sauces that are award winners. It was 1995 when Anderson entered his Rich & Sassy BBQ sauce in the internationally well known and respected American Royal Barbecue Sauce Contest. He won first place for Best BBQ Sauce in America. Discover why it is so loved by selecting a coupon for Famous Dave’s and trying out this sauce at the closest Famous Dave’s to you.

All of the sauces used at Famous Dave’s are hand rubbed onto the individual big slabs of meat. These are blended with the unique grouping of herbs and spices that join with the sauce to create mouth watering tastes. The ribs are smoked slowly in a pit of hot hickory to create the overall barbecue rib that has won award after award over the years.

Explore the many excellent barbecue flavorings at this restaurant by using any of the Famous Daves coupons located on this site.

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